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portrait on research trip to scotland

Ed (B.1994) is a Painter currently based in East Cornwall

"My intent as an image maker is to paint through words. I am fascinated by the notion that narrative, truth and fiction can lend themselves to one another in a way that can offer up genuine questions. Words can in fact lie but feeling is universal in its potency. 


I think of the voice of painting as sitting somewhere between music & written language. My images evolve from drawings that I have made from life and its about attempting to move in a honest direction. I think of the titles of my paintings on the same plane as the surface of the work being intrinsically linked together. They act as question marks. All I want with my image-making is to ask questions.

I try and paint what I know but what I know is different to what I understand. I know feeling but I don’t understand it. This contradiction is Illuminating. False ground is self-sustaining. The inability, or the attempt to articulate, is the fuel and the fire to my work. It’s the movement of ideas or something ‘having legs’ that engages me. It’s an attempt to arrive somewhere and the process is where meaning and significance lies. Its all about peddling rhythm and following your nose. Listening rather than making noise. Trying to feel behind to years gone past; an ode to human existence. Memories are giants cast into stone which is a love letter to strength and that tomorrow will be better."



Adress: Millbrook, Cornwall PL113ED

For latest studio developments please visit my INSTAGRAM


Inspired by the belief that music, language and art all have a mutual effect on one another, multi-award-winning painter Ed Burkes aims to find the peculiar pockets of the everyday. Filled with relatable nuances that reference his surroundings both currently and historically, Ed takes cues from the natural world, as well as lyrics and hooks from popular music and historical culture.

A fascination with language is expressed through chopped and sampled phrases or statements that question contexts, hint narratives and invite speculation. The text being as important a feature in his work as the imagery itself.

His intuitive style of painting has seen him exhibited at Beers London and Arusha Gallery. Ed's first solo show, Dandelion, was the result of a nine month studio residency in Derby with a prolific body of works exhibited at Derby Museum and Art Gallery before moving to Mall Galleries in London in 2021. 

“The tactility of the hook of a pop song or the ribbon of a throwaway phrase tows a line parallel with my intentions as a painter. My engagement is anchored around an honest attempt to articulate nuanced feeling”

close up of available painting
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