2021 (UPCOMING)                                             (Solo show)The Mall Galleries, London (January)

2020 (UPCOMING)                                             

                                                                            (Solo show) Derby museum & Art Gallery, Derby (September)

                                                                            London Art Fair, VioletsAreBlue Gallery, London   (January)

2019                                                                     London Art Fair, Arusha Gallery, London

2018                                                                     Kris Day Presents: Paper Cuts, Saatchi Gallery, London

                                                                             Veil, Arusha Gallery, Edinburgh

                                                                             L.A. Summer , Arusha Gallery, Edinburgh 

                                                                             London Art Fair, Arusha Gallery, London                                                                       

2017                                                                      Manchester Art Fair, Arusha Gallery

                                                                              Contemporary Visions VII, BEERS London, London

                                                                              FBA Futures 2017, Mall Galleries, London

2016                                                                       Saatchi Invest in Art - The Other Art Fair, London

                                                                               Falmouth Showcase - Underdog Gallery, London

                                                                               Fine Art Degree Show, Falmouth university


2019                                                                      Jonathan Vickers Fine Art Award

2016                                                                      Wilhemina Barns-Graham Travel to Italy Award

                                                                              Falmouth School of Art Purchase Prize

                                                                              Bloomberg New Contemporaries shortlisted Artist




2019                                                                      Jonathan Vickers Fine Art Award interview with Mall Galleries

2018                                                                     So Young Magazine: issue 18


2017                                                                     So Young Magazine: issue 12

                                                                             The Sunday Times: How to bring home the bacon

2016                                                                     Saatchi Invest In Art: Edition X: UK Artists

                                                                              It's Nice That



2016                                                                      BA Fine art (First Class Hons) - Falmouth University



The pitfalls of language allure to illegibility and it’s articulation that coerces me into painting. My engagement with making images is based on feeling, and my work is anchored around expression as a confoundingly slippery pursuit. Dualities are something I often use as a tool to develop works, I enjoy the mischief that this stirs up. When the protagonist is also the lover, there is an arm bending going on where the notion of a contradiction neutralizes itself. This slows the work down to a point where in this instance, the gaze of the two are the same. ​ I paint feelingly and painting helps me construct a response, I’m not trying to pin my work down to a specific thought or sensation, it’s a patchwork blanket. The work is definitely anchored around that inability to articulate, or at least the attempt to articulate. Because That's what so seductive about painting for me, it comments on feeling. ​


The work is a snapshot that holds its own doggedness, and I hope there is some honesty in that.