‘The tactility of the hook of a pop song or the ribbon of an idiomatic phrase tows a line parallel with my intentions as a painter. My engagement is anchored around an honest attempt to articulate nuanced feeling.

The process of sampling in music can decontextualize a source but give a referential nod under the same breath, and it is moments like these that fascinate me about language. My work is a layering of undulating emotional responses and the pulling together of feeling that aims to disseminate preconceptions. There is just as much looking as there is actually painting. My curiosity is fuelled by street signs on the walk to my studio or vacant shop fronts that glare down the high street. Text is a keystone in my work, it is a real punchy way to ask questions without putting a question mark on the end.’



PUBLICATIONS  (please click hyperlinks for more information)          

2020                                                                      PODCAST with Derby Museums 'In Focus: Ed Burkes talks to Janine Derbyshire'         




2019                                                                      Jonathan Vickers Fine Art Award interview with Mall Galleries


2016                                                                     Saatchi Invest In Art: Edition X: UK Artists

                                                                              It's Nice That



2021 (UPCOMING)                                              The Mall Galleries, London (January)


                                                                            DANDELION, Derby museum & Art Gallery, Derby (upcoming solo show, september)

                                                                            London Art Fair, VioletsAreBlue Gallery, London 

2019                                                                     London Art Fair, Arusha Gallery, London

2018                                                                     Kris Day Presents: Paper Cuts, Saatchi Gallery, London

                                                                             Veil, Arusha Gallery, Edinburgh

                                                                             L.A. Summer , Arusha Gallery, Edinburgh 

                                                                             London Art Fair, Arusha Gallery, London                                                                       

2017                                                                      Manchester Art Fair, Arusha Gallery

                                                                              Contemporary Visions VII, BEERS London, London

                                                                              FBA Futures 2017, Mall Galleries, London

2016                                                                       Saatchi Invest in Art - The Other Art Fair, London

                                                                               Falmouth Showcase - Underdog Gallery, London

                                                                               Fine Art Degree Show, Falmouth university


2019                                                                      Jonathan Vickers Fine Art Award

2016                                                                      Wilhemina Barns-Graham Travel to Italy Award

                                                                              Falmouth School of Art Purchase Prize

                                                                              Bloomberg New Contemporaries shortlisted Artist




2016                                                                      BA Fine art (First Class Hons) - Falmouth University